Renaissance Geek

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I recently finished a very short story called "Epistolary," which is currently making the rounds for potential publication. Here's an excerpt:

My darkness, my core, my unopened eyes,

I write you this on a sheet of dark matter in a burst of electromagnetic radiation. Forgive my poor script but I am cramped and cumbersome on the surface of this neutron star. Time is dragged down into lethargy and my patience is compressed to a painful disc of anxiety.

The time is not yet right. Time is not yet right. I mark the moments in prisoner’s ticks, my anvil, my rock, my darkened lighthouse. The moments collect on my chest, my belly, my eyes. They are tiny. Dense.

Your rescue is distant as a star. But am I not your magnet, your charm, your strange hero?

I will send this on the next rotation.

It is so hard to move.